Live or Survive?


There is a huge difference between surviving and living…

Letting go from anything that no longer serves the purpose is definitely not easy… It took me a lot of years working on myself to be able to reach the level of control I have today (it is an ongoing process) and I am here to help you achieve yours too, and fly as high as your inner Phoenix can.

This transformation happens in the most different ways: facing a marriage that no longer carries the seeds of love, finding strenght to replace a job that no longer gives you the drive to succeed, accepting a friendship that grew apart and must part ways…

We try to run, we try to hide, and often, we block ourselves from seeing the truth until the marked day comes when everything falls apart. It is like being kicked from behind when we stared at a split road for too long… We might even fall but for sure that kick will make us move forward into one direction… We were given enough time to choose and life goes on, and it needs to continue on moving…

Sometimes for lack of acceptance of these necessary changes, we hurt, we feel a sharp pain in the deepest parts of our souls and this brings us much sadness because our attachments are too strong with all we should be able to let go. The truth is that sometimes this pain is the necessary evil for a change…

There is a huge difference between surviving and living and once we realize this, the world once again becomes alive. Enjoy rebirth and welcome yourself to your new world, with open arms! It is time to start living, TODAY!

Coach Cris Repolês.

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