Where are you now?


sticker,375x360‘We change our behavior when the pain of staying the same becomes greater than the pain of changing.’ – Henry Cloud

As a life and career coach, I am always attending training seminars, taking new courses and reading a TON of goodies to empower me to help you more and more.

This week, I was reading about “The Hudson Cycle of Renewal” created at The Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara. The Hudson Cycle of Renewal was designed to help figure out what phase an individual or organization is in in their development cycle.

There are 4 transformation phases:

  • Going For It – You are planning, achieving, feeling committed and goal oriented and feeling like you can achieve just about anything.
  • Doldrums – You start feeling negative, trapped, reactive, dreams start fading and you feel as if you are running out of resources
  • Cocooning – You start tapping your core values, it is a phase of retrospection and introspection, awakening of lost dreams, search for a new identity
  • Getting Ready for the next chapter – You recharge your energy and start thinking about training, meeting new people, hiring someone to help you go through.

When you complete all the cycles, it is a life transition flourishing into a life transformation. A bigger journey that really transforms your life in the process.

After the cycle completes, you go back to phase one to begin chasing a new dream and a new growth cycle!

Where are you now???

Make it outstanding!!!

Coach Cris Repolês.

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