Are you a quitter?


As a coach, I feel true passion for helping others feel more fulfilled, happy, successful, and fully alive. On the other hand, it saddens me when someone quits…

Why would some people simply quit when they are on path and getting closer to reaching their goals? It truly pains me to watch those who start strong giving up or walking away, when they are just “inches” away from achieving the finish line… Sounds familiar?

Here are a few observations I’ve made throughout my career as a coach, as to why this happens:

1.    Your ‘WHY’ you want something to happen is not strong enough to keep your flames burning. It is a fling and when you realize it will require real hard work to make it happen, you give up.

2.    SELF-DOUBTING your capacity to succeed freezes your actions. It is better not to try than to face the fact that you may fail.

3.    COMFORTABLE SHOES SYNDROME the fear of the unknown may be bigger than the current situation you are in, so you just settle for the popular saying that goes something like “it is what it is”.

4.    DENIAL is also a great one, you start talking back to yourself to show yourself all the reasons why you actually don’t really need to achieve your goals. It is like that old tale of the fox and the grapes… It is easy to despise what you cannot get.

5.     FEAR OF THE FINISH LINE, or the fear of success… What will happen when you actually get there? The fear of not seeing continuity, or what is next may also sabotage your progress and make you quit.

What have you experienced during your life when you were fully driven and suddenly decided to quit? What will you do differently now that you know more than you knew yesterday?

Make it outstanding and keep on going!

Coach Cris Repolês.

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