Scarcity is a Choice!


“Scarcity — The condition that exists when there are not enough resources to satisfy all the wants of individuals or society. Choices — The decisions individuals and society make about the use of scarce resources.”

– “How are your entrepreneurial projects coming along?” I asked.
– “Things are not going well, so I must be cautious…” My friend responded.

Since my question may apply to anyone coming from a place of scarcity, I decided to share it here with you. If you are already coming from a place of abundance, congratulations, so please help a friend that needs to hear a few encouraging words by sharing this journal…

The opportunity does exist when EVERYONE has an opportunity, and there is also the opportunity CREATED when NO ONE sees a way out and you make a CHOICE to fight the odds…

Which team do you want to play with? Food for thought…

Here is an exercise to help you call your BS (Belief System in case you are wondering) right away:

Write down what you have been saying to yourself:
Story / Challenge: “I can’t get started before I save some money…” (Limiting BS)

What is the TRUTH here:
Reality / Choice / Possibility: “There are enough low cost resources and free resources to help me get started right away, I don’t need to wait.”

When you realize all the excuses you make up not to move forward, you start to have a CHOICE… You can decide not to proceed because you don’t want to, or move ahead because you are now able to see the real possibilities. After analyzing your BS, the next step becomes a conscious choice.

What kind of BS have you been telling yourself lately? And most importantly… What is the truth???

Make it outstanding!!!

Coach Cris Repolês.

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