Build leadership, not your ‘bosship’!


Quit being the boss and become a true leader!

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“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” Albert Einstein

It makes you wonder, doesn’t it? So why am I mentioning this quote?

Because sometimes, and I see this a lot of times with clients that have small companies and manage a few people, the misplacement of the talents, creates such a tense atmosphere in the company, that nobody can stand it!

So how can you leverage what you have and bring the best on people, creating a leadership instead of a ‘bosship’?

How to become a leader, that truly inspires? A person that people will want to work for?

Your employees will work extra hours, and I am saying this because I’ve done it. I was on salary, and I used to work crazy hours because I was so in touch and so involved with that project, that I didn’t see the time passing…

It wasn’t because I HAD to stay, or because I was overwhelmed, I LOVED IT, and that is what made me stay.

I didn’t look for T.G.I.F., looking for when Friday or the weekend would come. I actually enjoyed Monday mornings, and waking up to work on that beautiful project that I was so proud to create and to be a part of.

I am a creative person. I like thinking outside the box creating… If you put me in a place that is like, cookie-cuttered, or inside the box… Or put me somewhere that I don’t even fit in the box and you go like: “Oh, just squeeze it in, squeeze it in…” I will probably be miserable…

So why am I saying this?

How are you leveraging the talents you have? How is your hiring process working for you, when you interview somebody to see if they truly fit into that position you are looking to fill?

Are you looking for people that you can train, that has that stamina to get it going, or you are looking for: “Oh, are you already trained, or not?” types?

Can you build that person, in a way, that even if they have an opportunity to leave, they will love working for you, with you and at your company so much, that they will not care!

Yes, it is true. Sometimes it is about the money, but not always… If the person is happy, fulfilled and if they have challenges that make them think, or if they have some sort of flexibility, or if the values they have are covered… They will stay!

They will admire you, they will serve you – “I am working for you because I admire you. I want to be like you!”

If you are the boss on the other hand, people will work for you because they fear you, and they will not think twice to get out in the first opportunity they have! There is no commitment, there is no loyalty.

So, I will leave a question for you to think about here:

How are you enhancing, growing and becoming a leader to be followed, admired, in order to inspire people to become the best they can be, in order to serve you, while serving themselves?

What have you done, or what are you doing to make this happen in your company? Are people happy over there? Are they proud to say “I wear this shirt, and I work here because I love it?”

Or… Are they working day by day because of the paycheck? Because, “Yeah, you know, I need to pay my bills but T.G.I.F.!”

What is the truth for you, and what is the truth that you want for you? How will you make this happen?

Are you ready for that challenge? If so, start observing what is going on, to collect important data and all this information that is available right there for you to just notice it, watch how your people are!

Sometimes you walk into an environment and you can feel its energy. Are the people smiling? Is the place organized? Is everybody driven? Is everybody like, “Oh, I need another cup of coffee?” – what do you notice?

Pay attention to the signs, and based on the signs you collect (because each company has different challenges), you will be able to create a customized way to work with your people, so they truly become “your people”.

So, instead of one, dictator to all… You become all as a whole. It is amazing what you can accomplish when a group of people come together to work on something, together, with the same goals and objectives.

Are you up to that challenge? So go for it!

And write below, write your comments.

What kind of challenges have you experienced in your company? What has worked for you and maybe what hasn’t? Please show it to the world and help us share and learn more from one another… What is out there? What did you learn? What is yet to be learned?

Many blessings, success and abundance… And I will see you next time sharing a few more coaching tips at my YouTube Channel; where you can find more articles,  learn more, and you can ask me questions directly if you want me to make a video featuring your question next time.

Feel free to reach out, I love talking, I love picking brains and I love seeing what is out there. People are amazing, so show to me your ‘amazingness’, and let’s share it with the world.

Blessings and goodbye. I will see you next time!

Make it outstanding!

Coach Cris.

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