Farewell 2016!


Live today, live NOW, seize the moment. May you renew yourself and leave the past in the past, to start living the present and building a prosperous future, when tomorrow becomes today. Happy New Year! – Coach Cris Repolês

Dear 2016,

I am here preparing myself and getting ready to let you go and say farewell.

You were a rough year overall to most people I know, and I believe accepting the challenge to “be” this year must have been tough for you. I hope you didn’t take any sadness and negative energy personally.

I can’t speak for everyone so I am going to wrap this up, speaking for myself. I received a lot of fear, solitude and introspection from you…

Later on, I noticed these were all needed gifts wrapped up as blessings in disguise, designed to bring me drive, focus, determination and a desire to get to know myself and others so strong and so deep that made me become the great coach I consider myself to be today.

You also taught me the importance of remaining humble… You taught me how to own my power and remain humble recognizing and acknowledging that I may never get a chance to know all that I don’t even know that I don’t know. Patience, perseverance… Baby steps forward…

Before you came, I was walking in circles digging a hole underneath me that was getting deeper every time I kept moving around thinking with no action. I really wanted to do it, I planned on doing it, and yet, I couldn’t find the strength to do it…

“IT” was the calling to follow my dream career as a coach… “IT” was the burning desire to make my career of choice turn into the desirable daily action I would not want to take a vacation from.

Yes I know… Be careful what you wish for… I was careful, and I did wish… And in the middle of your time here 2016, you found a way to get the universe to lay me off from my job…

Would it look too bad to confess that I had an inside celebration party when that happened? A rush of mixed feelings of fear, uncertainty and desperation that were numbed when freedom came and joined the party? It was hard to explain, and so I didn’t. I just enjoyed the feeling… It was time!

Because of you, I started focusing on building my coaching career full time, when before, I was moonlighting my passion because I had a “steady” source of income… I didn’t take my passion as seriously as I should have back then and I was limiting the amount of people I could serve and help, in exchange of “security”…

Now, when I look back, I understand your mission a little better. In my life, in this world… I believe your mission was to be a warning and a yearning to create awakening and dramatic change… I admire you for taking this job to be the year you were, 2016… It takes real courage to be the bad guy that disrupts and breaks fiercely our sleepy comfort zones to wake everyone up. I don’t know if I could be you, and I am grateful you took this gig all by yourself.

With gratitude, I would like to thank you for the opportunities and the lessons taught and learned. Even the painful and scary ones… Oh, and before I go and let you go, I have one last minute wish to ask you, if I may…

Will you please help everyone that lost a loved one, faced physical pain, emotional pain and felt destroyed by you see the lessons you meant to teach and feel as grateful as I am feeling now? Please, don’t leave anyone hanging and give us all the opportunity to learn and see the greatness within all the beauty and the darkness you brought into the world.

Rest in Peace 2016…

Inside each of us, there is the seed of both good and evil. It’s a constant struggle as to which one will win. And one cannot exist without the other. – Eric Burdon

Make it outstanding!

Coach Cris.

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