The Power of Choice


What is right when there is nothing else left, and what is left, if you really take some time to look right?

Fair and Unfair
Justice and Injustice
Happy and Unhappy
Sociable and Unsociable
Passive and Agressive


Which meanings have you been attaching to the occurrences of your life?

Cry if you feel like crying and notice that it does not define your identity as a sad person.

Smile if you want to smile and that it does not define your identity as a happy person.

You have the power to choose who you will be being at each and every moment of your life. You also have the choice to stay that way, or not…

Create yourself, recreate yourself and create your own recreation techniques. Allow no feeling to define who you are. You are bigger than that isolated feeling, and smaller too, if you choose so.

I choose being powerful AND vulnerable in this moment. It’s serving a purpose right now and until tomorrow becomes my now, I don’t have to worry about what will serve me next.

Have you been choosing to live the way you want to live, as if there was no tomorrow or allowing your life to choose your way of living for you?

Whatever you choose, choose wisely. Or not… Either way, choosing or not choosing, it will still be your choice!

You may choose to live forever until it lasts or die repeatedly until you wish you had more time.

Choose your life wisely and make it outstanding!

Coach Cris.

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