Are you a whole or a broken mirror?

Each and every day we have an opportunity to help another human being step into their greatness.

Our identity, or who we “believe we are”, starts being developed based on what we learn and hear from our parents, siblings, family, classmates, friends, co-workers, acquaintances and so forth.

Be careful  and kind about the reality you are influencing others to create about themselves, as others most often identify themselves with the mirror others hold in front of them.

We cannot see ourselves the same way an observer can, so we rely on the mirror that others hold of us to shape ourselves.

That was what a best friend did: hold up a mirror
and show you your heart. – Kristin Hannah

Remember, you are also, a receptor of your own mirror, held by others.

You have the power to transform and build another human being.
You also have the power to destroy one. What is your choice?

Do what you wish others would do for you, and be the positive cause of this world’s transformation.

Make it outstanding!!!

Coach Cris Repolês.

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