Embrace what is real in your life!


Idealization is for the writers, for the poets, for the artists that need to visualize and bring perfection into their work. Idealization is for Narciso who fell in love with his own image.

In life, in real life, love what looks and feels real, love the perfection found within the imperfections, embrace reality and accept others, yourself and your life as it is.

Look within to find your essence. Look inside others to find theirs. If you look inside yourself to find others, you are simply creating an idealization of what you wish it could be, and you are desiring a dream, not a reality.

Dreams are great while we are asleep, and to inspire us to awaken, so we can find what is real.

Real is raw, sometimes beautiful and sometimes dark. Embrace what is real in your life, what is truthful in your heart, and what makes sense to your brain!

Make it outstanding!!!

Coach Cris Repolês.

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