When all is nothing!


The answers you seek are somewhere buried inside you!

I was gifted with a surcharge of emotional pain, that gave me no choice other than to stop fighting.

It started with my soul, being thorn into pieces, and the stillness of me, staring at the parts, the broken parts spread into my own emotional ruins.

I say gifted with destruction, because it was only then, that I was able to look at myself, and all the parts of my wholeness, and suddenly become the observer of my own life and self.

I have invested a lot, to learn miracle techniques that truly work, but some of them worked creating numbness to the roots of the issues, only burying them deeper inside.It takes courage to look at all your pieces from an observer perspective to see where all of you was created.

I use the archetypal of the Phoenix, the fire bird that rises back from its own ashes, from its own pain, to rebirth. The firebird is immortal, and constantly dies and resurrects over and over and over, and with that, I started believing that my life was that: being destroyed to rise back several times during this lifetime of many.

The more I look inside, seeing the beauty, the light, the beast and the shadows, I realize that surrendering to all I AM, ceases the cycle of endless deaths.When ego is out of the question, pride, righteousness and so many defense behaviors we created are sent to the divine creator and transformed into pure light, everything ceases to exist, and what is left is a wholesome of nothing.

Nothing to the contrary, isn’t emptiness. It is purity of soul and being. It’s immaculate, it is essence and it is the true power of I Am. When this stage of enlightenment is achieved, we become all and all becomes one.

It takes discipline, letting go, surrendering, observation and humbleness to become nothing.

I hope you can find your nothingness.

With love and respect,

Coach Cris Repolês

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