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CredentialsI graduated at C.T.I (Coaches Training Institute, New York), and I utilize the Co-Active Coaching Methodology to work with my clients. I am also an ACC (Associate Certified Coach) and a registered member of the I.C.F. (International Coaches Federation), title that enables me to work with clients worldwide! I also work with NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Havening, Hypnosis and with proprietary self-coaching methodologies that I developed throughout my professional life.

My story:

I was born and raised in Brazil and I moved to the US back in 2000 to embark on my own journey. I was a spoiled princess that had everything she wanted before coming to the United States.

My whole life changed when my mentor showed up for me as a homeless man that gave me strength and hope when I needed most. In that moment I realized that it wasn’t about having material things and possessions and getting everything I wanted, instead, it was about me, and how I could empower myself to change lives.

When my journey began, I started working on self-improvement, and learned a lot from my life experiences. As my learnings advanced, I started training with mentors and coaches, I graduated and earned the title of CPCC (Certified Professional Co-Active Coach) from CTI, one of the top coaching schools worldwide. I also invested a lot of time and money working with role models who were living the lives they always wanted and today, I am also able to do that.

I truly believe that mentors and coaches helped bring my life to the next level and that is why I do this for others with so much passion. Today, I work with people who have similar challenges and feel stuck. They feel like, no matter what they do and what they choose, it does not make them feel totally fulfilled, and they come to me because they want a better life, they desire a complete life transformation, they want to grow, and they want to live the life they truly deserve. That is what I help them do!

A Phoenix rises from the ashes and to me that means that no matter how bad it is, how unsatisfied you are with life, you can always have a rebirth. You can always come alive from the ashes, and that is what the Phoenix is all about.

Enjoy the journey of the new you, you are the rising Phoenix!

Coach Cris Repolês.


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