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Strangers, Encounters and Elevators

[CLIQUE AQUI PARA LER EM PORTUGUÊS] I currently live in a very interesting 'luxury' building where most people mind their own business and choose not to respond to a simple good (morning/afternoon/evening...) greeting. I always thought this was somewhat odd... Continue Reading →

The Power of Choice

[CLIQUE AQUI PARA LER EM PORTUGUÊS] What is right when there is nothing else left, and what is left, if you really take some time to look right? Fair and Unfair Justice and Injustice Happy and Unhappy Sociable and Unsociable... Continue Reading →

Are You Unbreakable?

[CLIQUE AQUI PARA LER EM PORTUGUÊS] Gratitude thought of the day: I had a recent breakthrough regarding the meaning of being 'unbreakable'... Initially, I thought being 'unbreakable' meant being guarded and shielded as if nothing or anyone could cause breakage,... Continue Reading →

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