Coach Cris, how do your coaching services stand out?

Above all books and articles I constantly read to learn more and stay up to date, all certifications I attain and continue adding to my portfolio, trainings and seminars I attend, these do not make me stand out from the crowd.

What does, is the fact that I coach mainly based on my own life and professional experiences. I once hit rock bottom, so I know how helpless it feels to be there. I once had to rise back from my own ashes and I know how challenging that may be… I once didn’t love myself, and I understand that this process of self-discovery and acceptance takes some time, patience and diligence… I once thought of myself as a true failure and I know how hard it may be to accept it as a learning experience, dust the bitterness all off and start from scratch…

I am sharing this, because I believe true experiences will always take the 1st place on the podium. These experiences I obtained when I overcame my obstacles, are experiences I am pleased and proud to bring into my coaching practice. They enable me to create deep levels of connection and understanding and to show my clients how anything is possible. By working together, my clients accept the challenge to quit surviving poisonous routines, destroy limiting patterns and accept the invitation to start living to their fullest potential.

Coach Cris, what do you enjoy mostly about the work you do?

Watching my clients have breakthroughs and progress towards their goals, achieve their deepest desires and start taking charge of their own fate is the reason why I believe in coaching, I have a coach, I do what I do for a living and I am constantly seeking new ways to serve all with the highest standards. 

What questions should clients seeking a coach ask before making a final decision?

1. Is the coach certified by a respected accreditation entity?
2. Can you schedule a call to learn more about the coaching process before committing?
3. Is there true synergy for you to feel comfortable bringing your full self into the sessions with this coach?
4. Has the coach worked with clients with similar challenges / goals before?
5. Is the coach trained in other techniques that may help expedite your transformational process?

What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a coach?

As a coach, I am not supposed to give you advice, but since you asked, I am going to freely express what I think in order to serve you! (Taking my coaching hat off…)

I believe the best way to find your perfect coach is to have sample sessions with a few coaches and see which one has a higher connection and synergy to allow you to grow remaining truthful to who you are! You are the master of your fate, the coach will be your catalyst.

Your ideal coach will be able to help you find unseen roads and allow you to walk them, explore them, learn and experience your own transformational process. Your ideal coach will help you believe in yourself and help you see that all you need is already inside you and just needs to be awaken.

Your ideal coach will be there for you to champion and acknowledge your whole person as you find ways to pull that inner strength out and walk your path with authority. Your coach will also be there to support you through your tougher transformational processes, and be honest to push you forward whenever you need an extra nudge.

Coach Cris, how did you get started doing this type of work?
I believe you will find all you need reading about my rising story  here!

What types of customers have you worked with?
I’ve worked with clients suffering from anxiety, fears, phobias, PTSDs, seeking a full life transformation filled with purpose and happiness, self-worth seekers, clients transitioning careers, top level executives desiring a well balanced life, entrepreneurs and start-up launching clients. I am here to serve and will do whatever it takes to help you get the results you seek.

What is your niche?
My coaching niche is a question that keeps being asked, however, I have helped a wider range of clients facing different challenges. As I keep adding new learnings into my coaching practice, I have chosen for the time being not to label myself as a coach with a specific niche…  I bring the ‘dead’ back to life… My niche is aliveness! If I have to frame what I can do to serve my clients, I am the “whatever it takes coach”! Please be sure I will be honest if I see you may achieve better results with a niche specific coach and will be happy to help you find one.

What education and/or training do you have that relates to your work?
CredentialsI graduated at C.T.I (Coaches Training Institute, New York), and utilize the Co-Active Coaching Methodology to work with my clients. I am also an ACC (Associate Certified Coach) and a registered member of the I.C.F. (International Coaches Federation), title that enables me to work with clients worldwide! I also work with NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Havening, Hypnosis and with proprietary self-coaching methodologies that I developed throughout my professional life.

What is the typical process for you to start working with a new coachee?
I typically recommend us to start with a discovery session so I have a chance to learn more about you, your desired goals and to allow you to learn more about me and my work. If we both find we have synergy to start working together, we will discuss package options, frequency, etc… If not, I will be happy to guide you and help you find another coach.

Do you have a standard pricing system for your service? If so, please share the details here.
Not really. Let me first clarify that I do not base my work as if it was delivered “by the hour” because I focus on your results. In addition, your results will be directly impacted by your involvement into doing what needs to be done… With regards to pricing, I prefer to work with you to create customized packages that will attend your needs. My main approach is focused on helping you achieve the desired results, and our sessions may take 45 min, or they may take longer. I prefer to work addressing your ongoing needs in that moment than to be filling up a session based on the timing we have left, right after you had a breakthrough and is ready to take off and start running to make things happen that day. Having said that, I custom create packages based on your needs, so we may create a delivery method that will best serve you.

Describe a project you are fond of. How long did it take?
Working with non-profit organizations, helping low income warriors by offering pro-bono coaching is an ongoing project that I have true passion for. I am currently working with two non-profit organizations.

Have further questions? Feel free to ask and I will gladly reply to you directly:

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