Available Packages


Meet and Greet:

New Client Consultation: Let’s connect to go over any questions you may have about the coaching process, clearly define your goals and create the most effective plan of action to get you where you want to be. 
single session (no strings attached)
Sessions Included:
1 session
15-30 minutes per session
Investment per session: 
Complimentary consultation

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Available Packages:

Phoenix Rebirth: The Phoenix Rebirth option is recommended for anyone desiring to leave the past behind and start fresh. This package is recommended if you are looking to achieve life balance while maintaining top performance levels of excellence in business/career, finances, health, relationships, romance, personal growth and social life. 
monthly (minimum recommended commitment 3 months)
Sessions Included: 4 sessions
Duration: 45-60 minutes sessions
Monthly Investment: USD $500.00USD $350.00 (Paid in Full Promotional Value)


Phoenix Rising Maintenance: The Phoenix Rising Maintenance program is catered for well balanced individuals that achieved top performance levels of excellence and desire to maintain their high standards and continuous growth. 
monthly (minimum recommended commitment 3 months)
Sessions Included: 4 sessions
Duration: Scheduled 15-30 minutes sessions
Monthly Investment: USD $350.00 |  USD $200.00 (Paid in Full Promotional Value)


Fire Burning Specialty Package: The Fire Burning specialty package is recommended for individuals seeking to achieve deeper explorations of mind, body and soul, where conscious and unconscious levels of potential are uncovered to create lasting results. These sessions are an incredible resource for anyone struggling with over/under eating habits, phobias, anxiety, panic attacks, PTSD, difficulty letting go of past traumatic events, extreme fear, overwhelm, fatigue and stress.
Length: Single Sessions (no minimum recommended commitment)
Sessions Included: 1 session
Duration: 45-60 minutes per session
Investment per session: USD $250.00 |  USD $150.00 (Paid in Full Promotional)


Group Coaching: Includes a Private WhatsApp Group to facilitate networking and communication, accountability partner match-up, coaching and peer group support, Q/A sessions, two live group calls per month addressing diversified business and personal topics.
1 month (no minimum recommended commitment)
Sessions Included: Two live group calls and online group peer support and assessments
Duration: 30-45 minutes per live session
Investment: Calculated based on the number of participants per group


Additional Information:

  • As you move forward with your investment and select the best package to start with, you also understand and agree that all sales are final and no refunds will be provided for any reason. This is a commitment to change your life, so take your life seriously!
  • Currency: All sales are billed in USD.  If you live in another country and find difficulties submitting your payment, please contact me at info@crisrepoles.com to discuss optional methods of payment.
  • Worldwide sessions are delivered online via Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom or Phone. If you wish to have sessions in person, please contact info@crisrepoles.com to discuss availability.

Warning: If you are not ready to change your life, make a commitment, be coachable and take the coaching process seriously, coaching may not be a good choice for you. Please make sure you are 100% committed to do the work and play full out in order to get the results you seek. Many desire to transform while being who they have always been being, and that is not what we are creating here. Coaching works similarly to a partnership where we work side by side focusing on your growth. I guarantee you will see no results if you don’t take the proper action steps and do what is necessary from your part. 

Refund Policy: We do not offer offer refunds or cancellations for the coaching packages. We do offer you the flexibility to transfer unused sessions to another person if you desire to do so.

Bundle Packages: Please send an email to: info@crisrepoles.com to learn more about this option. The bundle package option is recommended for corporations buying packages to train employees, leaders and high level executives.

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