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Wondering how you can get involved? Sponsor a low income warrior! 

I am a giver by nature, and if you ever worked with me, you know I will go above and beyond to serve anyone, anywhere…

My clientele ranges from wealthy professionals that want to plan their next career move to the less fortunate that get free coaching at fast food chains, on the streets, at parks, or when I am somewhere I get the feeling that someone could need a little push (when I am granted permission to coach them, of course).

These opportunities to help and keep giving happen and will happen to anyone that makes themselves available and open to noticing the signs… There was this one time for example, when I saw this elder person in total distress while I was at a fast food chain sitting right across from me… I didn’t know this person and for some unexplained reason, I approached asking permission to help… I was ready to hear anything or take any rage outspoken words because of my intro mission… All I knew is that I had to do something, or at least… Try.

Amazingly, the person was open to receiving and after bursting into tears and asking me for a hug, I spent 2 hours with this person before I caught my bus to come back home. The person I am mentioning here was ready go commit suicide after several events happened, and in the end of our conversation, I received the best payment one could receive:

Person: “Look miss, I don’t know where you came from… You must be an angel! Do you have an email or may I have your phone number? You know, you could make money doing this, I feel so much better and lighter. I don’t have much, but maybe I can send you some money or something to thank you. Thank you very much!”

(I never told this person I was a professional coach).

Me: “I already received my payment… Look at this big smile!!! Just take care of yourself and keep on smiling with your chin up.”

If I cannot do this to help anyone, despite their financial resources, I cannot feel complete. Of course we all need money to survive, but this gift goes way beyond monetary gains. It is hard to explain what comes from the heart…

At the moment, I am working with a few non-profit organizations offering pro-bono coaching to low income warriors. As you may imagine, the number of hours I am able to offer my time pro-bono is limited to the income I generate per period of time.

If you received pro-bono coaching sessions from me in the past or worked with me on a sliding scale (paying less than my regular rates), or if you felt touched by my quest to help anyone find their true bliss and follow it, independent of their financial situation but solely of their willingness to go all in and make a change… Please donate and help sponsoring more pro-bono sessions. Please sponsor a low income warrior so they may get empowered to one day, sponsor others also.

Each $50 donated will be adding hours to help someone in need, someone in a similar position you once were when I had the pleasure to serve you in the past. I will post the stories (keeping confidentiality) and sponsors (First Name + Initial – or anonymous as desired) and you can follow who/when/where these donations are reaching worldwide.

Thank you for joining this greatness quest with me!

Coach Cris Repolês.

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