It is the Devil that we know…


“It’s pretty amazing how most people put off taking the necessary actions to acquire the things they want and then complain about how they never get a break!” – Zig Ziglar / Born to Win

Tired of your problems? What would you be willing to trade them for?

There is a story I once heard from a dear friend of mine that made me think about us, human beings and how we complain about our problems on a regular basis. We complain as if it was unfair to have problems, as if we were poor lost souls that were “doomed” with our problems.

I was once like that too, so I totally get it. Today, I see most of my problems as opportunities and challenges and I feel like a champ every time I can come up with a solution. After I find the solution, yes, I am ready move on to the next problem/challenge… This transition wasn’t easy I must say, but the mindset switch was totally worth my training time…

Ok, enough talk… Here is the story I once heard that made me understand a little better the ones that prefer to stay ‘stuck’ to their old problems for convenience, comfort zone coziness or whatever the case might be…

The story goes somewhat like this:

...Once upon a time, in heaven, God started feeling sad and tired from hearing His children complaining about their problems over and over and over again… The problems each human received, were specially elaborated to help humans challenge themselves to become winners, survivors and stronger but they didn’t seem to understand the true purpose of their problems…

So one special day, God invited everyone on earth to join a meeting. When everyone was gathered, all very curious about the unusual invitation He said out loud:

– Dear blessed children, I am tired… I am tired of hearing you complaining about your problems all the time instead of admiring the gifts of living… Your problems were specifically created for every single one of you with the sole purpose of challenging you, enabling you to acquire the strengths you need in order to evolve as humans. Maybe my plan wasn’t so right, and maybe I chose the incorrect problems for every single one of you… So today, I would like to invite you all to please take your problems and leave them on this table, leave them all behind and walk away.

And so it happened, and no one could believe the offer they received. An opportunity to get rid of their problems just like that… What was the catch??? – Some even thought… And one by one, they walked towards the table, leaving their problems behind as instructed.

– Great, said the Lord, now here is the condition… In order for you to be able to learn and develop, you need to have at least one problem to deal with, there is no other option. Having said that, I  would like to invite every single one of you to reapproach the table, observe everyone else’s problems and choose a problem that you would like to have for yourself during this lifetime.

Once everyone understood the reason for having a problem, they started the motion towards the table. One by one, just as they had done before, they walked towards the table and observed every single problem displayed right in front of their eyes… That was when something amazing happened: Every single person stopped by the table, looked around, studied the options and ended up picking up exactly the same problems they had before…

Moral of the story in my own words?

We all seek happiness, wealth, health, and we all desire to have a perfect life… But the truth is, sacrifices must be made, risks must be taken and we need to face our own demons in order to move forward… Some people dream about a new pair of shoes, when they are not ready to let go of the comfortable ones that are no longer serving their purpose.

In the end, most of us choose to stick around with the devil that we know.

Coach Cris Repolês.

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