Choosing Misery Over Happiness…


“The greatest source of unhappiness comes from inside, and here is where the erosion and the infection of unhappiness starts: Doing a little less than you could, not feeling that good about yourself… Also, do not sell out. It is not worth getting the entire world for the price of your soul. Don’t compromise your values, your philosophy… Beware!!! Behold the opportunities, the uniqueness, the possibilities… Beware and don’t sell out, mark well what you’ve become to make sure you are becoming stronger than you once were.” – Jim Rohn

While listening to Jim Rohn today I remembered one time, back in the day when I worked in the worst place of my professional life… I was personally and cyber bullied for being happy, I was bullied for using smiley faces 🙂 in my text messages. My co-workers were for some reason very vengeful, angry and unhappy… I used to hear from my colleagues: “Why are you so happy??? or “Why are you always smiling?” as if happiness was a disease or if I needed a reason to just be… I resigned after a few months because I realized I would have to become a negative Nancy in order to fit in, and I didn’t want to change and stop being happy, because I was happy being exactly how I was…

Sometimes I wonder what makes people so miserable, I never understood choosing misery over happiness… Well, I am still happy, and happier everyday… I still use and abuse smiley faces and I don’t care. I just felt compelled to share what the author Jim Rohn mentioned during his seminar making me go back in time, a time when I chose to say “no” to becoming unhappy as a condition to fit into a pit of vipers…

Be loved, be love, be happy and make it contagious. And above all, choose peers that will enrich your experience, enlighten you and help you grow. If misery loves company, I am not good company at all!

With love,

Coach Cris Repolês.

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