Always beware of your surroundings!


“In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle,

stand like a rock.” – Thomas Jefferson

We need to be able to put ourselves on other’s shoes, but we don’t need to become a terrorist to defend ourselves from evil… Always beware of your surroundings!

Watch how people reached out to you in the first place, watch their daily practices, listen to what they have to say about others… We can lie during a lifetime to a few people, but we cannot hide who we truly are from everyone… If a person wronged someone else, they will most likely do it to you as well…

There are two sets of personalities: The ones that do things that make others feel good, and the ones that do things that make others feel terrible… (yes I am really summarizing here, I know there are several variations but let’s talk about the main polarities: Good / Evil, Honest / Dishonest, and so on)

Some people are the ones who save lives during a catastrophe risking their own lives as in the case of firefighters for example. Others take advantage of the house on fire situation and the chaos to sneak in and steal the valuables from the family.

We are all intelligent people capable of learning new tasks, but there is something we cannot change easily and may take lives and lives of repetitions to change… And that is our integrity and personality. Stay alert and beware of your surroundings!!!

Coach Cris Repolês.

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